crazy sexy wool

fact:  knitting is not for old people.

this is something you may have discovered in 2007 when creative genius’ lisa sabrier and carolyn main founded the super cool kool (hehe) company – wool and the gang.  backed up with a majorly talented design team, the girls have created a concept that is easy, fun and fashionable.  the collection consists of knitting kits to make your own scarves, snoods, beanies, you name it.  and if you’re too impatient to tackle the needles and yarn yourself, they also offer all of their designs in ready-to-wear which is hand knitted in peru by women from lake titicaca.  the peruvian yarn is super lucious and comes in all sorts of neutral or juicy colors and the packaging is to die for.

can we say perfect holiday gift?





2 Responses to “crazy sexy wool”

  1. Allison Says:

    Do you carry Wool & the Gang kits? I was in NYC in the fall and the girl in the shop said that their kits are going to be carried by a store in Toronto but she wasn’t sure which one.

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