we’re into our second season carrying thakoon and we’ve just received a huge shipment of thakoon+ and thakoon carbon copy for pre-spring!

for those of you in need of thakoon 101, thakoon panichgul is the full name of the mastermind behind the brand.  born in thailand, raised in omaha and currently based in nyc, thakoon has blended distinct influences in all his work since the label launched in 2004.  thakoon is now a major fashion brand and is carried throughout all the worlds finest stores.  over the past 10 years, he has collaborated and created capsule collections for the gap, hogan and target, launched a shoe collection with giuseppe zanotti, created handbags and eyewear, became a member of the cfda and was appointed the creative director of luxury japanese pearl jewelry, tasaki.  there now exists a thakoon umbrella which houses 3 collections – thakoon, thakoon+ and carbon copy.

here at the narwhal, we carry thakoon+ (pronounced “thakoon addition”), which is his contemporary, middle of the range collection, as well as carbon copy, his most affordable collection comprised mainly of easy jersey pieces.

for pre-spring, it’s full of color and print and offers a range of feminine, modern styles. there are cute, backless mini dresses, embroidered paisley skirts, kick-ass little leather boxer shorts, sequin tops, muumuu-esque tunics, onesies and fun fun fun!!  come check it out for yourself.


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